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MPS is rare. But MPS children are real – and need your help. Urgently!

MucoPolySaccharidoses (MPS) are congenital and slow-progressing metabolic diseases, which can be deadly, if left untreated. Due to a defective enzyme, certain metabolites (the mucopolysaccharides) cannot be broken down. When that happens, they build up and store in the cells thus destroying them, which subsequently leads to heavy physical and mental disabilities and severe suffering over years.

The symptoms range from skeletal abnormalities, dysfunctions of inner organs up to impairment of brain function. Some of the children go blind, most of them are hard of hearing and almost all are of small stature. The average life expectancy of an untreated MPS patient is 15 years.

Our Vision

Life with MPS should be worth living

Our Slogan

Creating prospects together – for children with MPS

Make Patients Smile!

Our Mission

We want to make life easier for MPS-children and their families.
We support and provide help in word and deed, emotionally and financially – wherever our help is needed.

Help us help!

Imagine a young family and their adorable little baby. It is developing just fine, learns how to walk and talk, is a ray of sunshine. But suddenly the happy child turns out funny, it becomes an uncontrollable whirlwind, hardly ever sleeps – there is definitely something wrong: diagnosis MPS! The biological clock runs backwards, the child is gradually losing its abilities like talking, walking and even swallowing. It is going to be fed via stomach tube and the parents are faced with the task of doing a 24/7 job caring for it…

What it means to live with MPS is beyond imagination. Therefore, these families do need our help. We don’t want to leave them alone, we do want to give them stability and support them on their way. The aim of MPS Austria is to provide in information, explanation, exchange of experience and financial aid – for the social insurance and the health insurance benefits are often not enough.

MPS families should not break down under all that pain and sorrow. Even a life with MPS must be worth living. We must see to it and that’s why we need your help.


Your help makes all the difference.

Our MPS ambassador

Wolfgang Böck

“You may know me. But what about MPS?
Well, then you are like me. Never heard of. But since I know about this disease, I am MPS special envoy, because these children need help. They need you. Please help us help, make your donation now.”

Wolfgang Böck, known as “Trautmann“ from the TV series of the same name and artistic director of the “Schloss-Spiele Kobersdorf” has been committed to MPS children for years and appears in public as prominent envoy of the Austrian MPS society.

Our Goals

Family Support

The diagnosis “MPS” often triggers tragedies. We at MPS Austria walk the path together with our MPS families, are there for them in all situations and help to make the lives of their seriously ill children as livable as possible – emotionally, practically and financially.

Educating the Public

MPS is rare and unknown. For MPS children and their families, this disease is a hard reality and they need every help. MPS Austria therefore strives to ensure that this insidious disease and its consequences are perceived more consciously by the general public.

Support for MPS Research

Our vision is that MPS will be curable in the future so that MPS children can grow up and live. That is why we at MPS Austria work internationally with other MPS companies and support research projects aimed at effective therapy development.

Your donation helps!

Your donation gives us hope and confidence that we can be there for our MPS children when stairs become an insurmountable obstacle, unlocking doors is a strenuous activity, when expensive orthopedic care is required, a therapy to promote mobility or to alleviate pain, if support is required for the strenuous care, the procurement of necessary aids becomes a problem.

Because then they need help! Ours and yours. THANK YOU!

Your donation gives quality of life!



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Gesellschaft für Mukopolysaccharidosen
und ähnliche Erkrankungen

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