Unser MPS Botschafter

Wolfgang Böck

Actor and MPS ambassador

There are many diseases in this world. Most common diseases and rare diseases like for example MPS.

MucoPolySaccharidoses are hardly known. Ten years ago, I myself had no idea what MPS means. When I first was confronted with it, learned about the disease and what is causing it, how sneaky and underhanded it is, I decided to use my popularity and profile to promote public awareness of MPS, so that MPS patients and their families can be helped more effectively than before.

My concern is not to leave MPS – families alone. They didn’t ask for this terrible fate and they deserve help. Thus my appeal: Please do help!

Creating prospects together – for children with MPS

Yours sincerely
Wolfgang Böck

It was in 2005, when Wolfgang Böck, alias “Kommissar Trautmann“, shook hands with our MPS-children. Since then, he has been dedicated on MPS as ambassador. We are happy and proud to have him at our side.


VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT07 1860 0000 1700 5000

Forschungskonto (zweckgewidmet)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT52 1860 0000 1700 0019

Therapiekonto (zweckgewidmet)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT05 1860 0000 1702 3854

Raiffeisen: RZOOAT2L736 | AT61 3473 6000 0011 1211


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