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Do you enjoy spending time with children? Then that’s the right place for you. MPS-children and their healthy siblings can’t wait to see you. Go for a walk with MPS-children, spend some time with those having a mild form of MPS. Relief the pressure on parents and get enchanted – you get a lot in return from our children.

Siblings often have to put their own needs last. Everyday life with their handicapped brothers and sisters is difficult. Worrying about them, seeing the disease progressing thus slowly changing the loved one and the fear of losing them is the daily companion of the sibling. Give them a break, a special time-out, games afternoons or a cozy get-together drinking hot chocolate. Let your ideas run wild, let your fantasy take over.

If you have time and and would like to share it with us then you could for example:

  1. help to relief the pressure on MPS-families by looking after the children occasionally . Even healthy siblings will be glad you are here, because they often have to put their own needs last.
  2. go for a walk with MPS-children now and then
  3. spend some time with those having a mild form of MPS
  4. take care of small household chores . Many mothers face a double burden based on intensive care including sleepless nights and running the household. 
  5. help as carer at our annual family meeting
  6. sell greeting cards for us

If you have special talents and want to employ these special gifts for us, you
could for example:


  1. help proofreading or writing texts for our self-designed journal the „Falter“ 
  2. Carry out tailoring work (some of our kids cannot find off-the-shelf products because of their body proportions; special bibs are popular and requested)
  3. organize a fundraising event (Christmas market, Easter market, flea market, art auction, vernissage, concert, lecture) or respectively 
  4. do handicraft, pottery or painting for events of such kinds 

You want to support MPS-families honorarily and need detailed information of how to spend time as sponsor? Contact us – either by the contact form or phone +43 (0)664 522 0 682. We look forward to you!

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