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  1. Please select a titel matching the occasion (birthday, jubilee, school event, running event, wedding, coporate event …): short and concise 
  2. Set a fund-raising goal, one you are sure can be reached: every donation counts! Describe your campaign in a few words: What is your motivation? What do you want from your supporters? 
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  5. Just try, it is simple.
  6. Should you need any help, we are happy to assist you!


VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT07 1860 0000 1700 5000

Forschungskonto (zweckgewidmet)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT52 1860 0000 1700 0019

Therapiekonto (zweckgewidmet)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT05 1860 0000 1702 3854

Raiffeisen: RZOOAT2L736 | AT61 3473 6000 0011 1211


Gesellschaft für Mukopolysaccharidosen
und ähnliche Erkrankungen

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