Christmas Card Campaign and School Promotion

Giving joy – with Christmas Cards!

Thanks to all the schools that support our annual Christmas card campaign! We truly appreciate this help in two ways: on the one hand, you help to make MPS more widely known and on the other hand, we can use the donations from the campaign for projects for MPS children thus making their severe days easier. Whether it’s the attendance at the therapy week, deductible payments for medical aids, or grants for financing therapies or wheelchair-accessible conversions – each sold card helps to help. We welcome every school that participates and offer a special service as a thank-you: prompt delivery from mid –October and on request sorting of the cards class by class.

We saved the best till last: all our cards are available for a donation of 1 €! Payment by bank transfer, credit card or paypal!


You can download the current edition of the poster, the information for parents and the order form as PDF file here:

Please contact our MPS office if you wish to have the printed material with sample card be sent to you. melden.

We very much appreciate your cooperation – for your it’s your help that makes the difference!

Shopping counts!

In addition, there are other ways of how to help MPS children when you do your shopping:

  • Have you ever heard of amazon.smile?

This link is a donor link: smile.amazon.de is nothing else but the amazon you know. The same products, the same prices, the same service. Smile.Amazon is a simple way for customers to support a non-profit organisation of your choice without additional costs with every purchase.

Click the amazon smile logo, log in as customer and choose the aid organisation you want to support with your purchase. Amazon Smile started on 11 November 2016 in Germany and Austria: Amazon donates 0,5% of the sale price of its qualifying smile.amazon.de - purchases to the selected charity.

This is how amazon customers can support non-profit organisations with 0,5% via the amazon smile program.

Donation accounts:

Main account
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7800

Account for therapy and treatment (earmarked)
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7801

Account for scientific research (earmarked)
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7802

Account for donation mailings
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7803


Society for MPS and related diseases

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