Contact MPS Families

On this page you will find some of our MPS families who have made themselves available as contacts in the provinces.

Talking to other parents can often be very helpful, especially for new families – especially in the early stages after the diagnosis. Information from doctors and from various publications has to be digested first, and the question is much more of interest: How can one even live with an MPS child?

Therefore communication between our members is very essential. Parents can support one another in many ways. It starts with someone listening and leads to practical advice on how to deal with that child. MPS parents have been through all of this – or they know someone who has been through it.

To make the first step towards personal contact with other families easier for you, you will find some contact addresses here. The families are sorted by provinces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contact each of them.

According to the variety of mucopolysaccharidoses you are looking for a contact person for the special form that concerns you. The chairperson of the company can of course be contacted at any time.

Give us a call or click on the email address provided. Ask your questions, seek support, and let the communication flow


currently no active contact persons


Family Jarnig

Morbus Sanfilippo A (MPS III A)
+43 (0)4286 2505

Family Auernig

Morbus Morquio B (MPS IV B)
+43 (0)4785 605

Lower Austria

Family Velich

Morbus Hunter (MPS II)

+43 (0)650 52 52 47

Upper Austria

Family Weigl

Morbus Morquio A (MPS IV A)
+43 (0)664 522 0 682


Family Rieger

Morbus Sanfilippo A (MPS III A)
+43 (0)6463 7745


currently no active contact persons


Family Yurdakul

Morbus Hurler Scheie (Typ I S)
+43 (0)660 1566633


Family Schwaiger

Morbus Sanfilippo A (MPS III A)
+43 (0)664 735 740 701

Family Rechberger

Maroteaux-Lamy (MPS Typ VI)
+43 (0)676 792 70 64


Marion Kraft

Morbus Hurler (MPS Typ I)
+43 (0)664 214 87 46

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Society for MPS and related diseases

Michaela Weigl
A - 4612 Finklham 90
Phone & Fax: + 43-7249-47795
Mail: office@mps-austria.at

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