Donations received on occasion

In every man’s life there are moments fof joy and grief. With a donation received on occasion, whether happy or sad, you help MPS-children in two ways. Firstly, you collect money to support MPS Austria so that we are able to make the everyday lives of MPS-children easier and secondly you promote our self-help organisation. Become a model by supporting our projects. And you can be certain: every little bit is another piece of the puzzle in achieving one of our important projects.

Celebrate and do good

Birthdays, weddings, Christenings or jubilees – how often have you asked yourself what’s the best present for such a happy occasion? Maybe you as birthday child, honoree or wedding couple want to brighten the day and do without presents?
Create your own donation page for your personal donation call for MPS-children, thus allowing your guests to do something good by donating online immediately.


If you transfer the total amount of the donations to us, we will issue a confirmation to you.  And if you transfer the total amount of the donations to us and send us a list of all donors, we will issue a confirmation to each of them.

If you prefer your guests transferring their donation directly to our bank account, we kindly ask you to indicate e.g. birthday “name of the birthday child”, Christening “name of the baby” as intended purpose. We will then send you a thank you letter including a list with all the donations so that you can see how much you helped us. Here again, each donor gets a confirmation. To be able to deduct your donation from your taxes, we need your full name and date of birth. See deduction for donations NEW.


Donation accounts:

Main account
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7800

Account for therapy and treatment (earmarked)
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7801

Account for scientific research (earmarked)
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7802

Account for donation mailings
Erste Bank:  AT89 2011 1847 2581 7803


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