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Christmas miracles for MPS-children

„… it settles on my face and eyes a golden childhood dream. I sense, I feel the miracle’s appeared…“

That’s the end of the poem “Christmas Celebration” by Theodor Storm. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that dream became true? If MPS families, standing with their children in front of the Christmas tree, could feel that miracle too?
MPS children don’t have exceptional wishes. They just wish for what other people consider ordinary. They want to be part, join, be in as long as possible, just as healthy girls and boys. MPS is cruel. This disease – it doesn`t just destroy the body, the brain, it destroys friendships, opportunities, dreams … And yet we can help. Together: we can fulfil wishes!

  • Games with big game pieces so that they can grab them well with their stiff fingers
  • Movement aids, to improve their mobility
  • Clothing for wheelchair users to avoid sores and pressure marks
  • Therapies that help to spend pain free days

Each gratification means more quality of life. No matter how much you can give, I believe in miracles: it will turn out well!

You can make an online donation for MPS Christmas miracles – or create your own donation page for MPS-children and motivate others to join in. In case you decide to do so, don’t forget to spread it either across various social media networks or per email – in keeping with the motto “Do good and talk about it”


Donation accounts:

Main account
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT07 1860 0000 1700 5000

Account for scientific research (earmarked)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT52 1860 0000 1700 0019

Account for therapy and treatment (earmarked)
VKB: VKBLAT2L | AT05 1860 0000 1702 3854

Account for donation mailings
Raiffeisen: RZOOAT2L736 | AT61 3473 6000 0011 1211


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