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Combing hair, brushing teeth, putting on a T-shirt, holding an apple, playing Ludo, swinging, taking a bath, going up a flight of stairs, unlocking a door, going to school – all these ordinary things are a challenge for MPS- children. Skeletal deformation, restricted joint mobility, short stature, claw hands or being too weak are only some reasons for these difficulties. But there is help: stair lift, bath lift, special wheelchair, games with extra – large game pieces, special swings, therapies and personal assistance can help. But both assisting devices and therapeutic playing equipment are extremely expensive. The estimated costs of a specially adapted wheelchair amount to approximately 30.000 € or of a tailor-made pair of shoes 1700 €. Even after deducting all social security benefits, the excess is often far too high for the affected families and can hardly be financed. In these cases MPS Austria will help.
Together with them. You can become a sponsor, support and help us to make life a bit easier for them.

By sponsoring assisting equipments, therapies, therapy weeks or research you make an important contribution. You’ll find the donation form at the end of this page.

mps hand Sponsoring assisting equipments

Help MPS-Austria in financing assisting equipments for MPS-children. Please. Your sponsorship will make life a whole lot easier for our little patients.

The deductibles for assisting equipments vary from federal state to federal state, from health insurance to health insurance. It is therefore possible that the financial support for an assisting equipment worth 3000 € is rejected, partly covered or completely covered by the health insurance. We want to balance this inequity and provide our MPS-families with the necessary equipments. That’s why we pay the remaining costs if needed and whenever possible.


Examples for the costs of assisting equipments:

  1. specially adapted wheelchair: 6.000 – 35.000 Euro
  2. special orthopaedic shoes: 1.700 Euro
  3. bath lift: 2.000 Euro
  4. leg orthosis: 3000 Euro
  5. Seating shell orthosis: 3.000 Euro – 5.000 Euro
  6. Special mattresses: 1.000 Euro
  7. Special bicycle: 1.500 Euro
  8. Therapeutic playing equipment: 30 Euro – 200 Euro

Sponsoring therapies

Help MPS-Austria in financing therapy sessions for MPS-children. The high costs associated with minimum to non-existing refunds by the health insurance can become an obstacle for families. Although therapies often help children to improve their quality of life and reduce pain, they have to do without them for financial reasons.

You would like to pay for the costs of a therapy session once a month?
Thank you so much! By doing so, you make great things possible for our little patients.



Examples for the costs of a therapy session:

  1. Dog Therapy: 50 Euro
  2. Cranio –Sacral- Therapy: 60 – 80 Euro
  3. Hippo Therapy: 50 – 60 Euro
  4. home care: 40 Euro
  5. Rolfing: 80 Euro
  6. Massage: 30 – 80 Euro

Sponsoring therapy weeks

By supporting our annual therapy week, you help several MPS-children and patients at the same time! Your donation enables us to finance the therapy program for 35 to 40 MPS-patients during the therapy week. An additional focus of the therapy week is to relief the pressure on parents. To achieve that our child carers (mostly siblings from our own ranks) support and look after MPS-children and their siblings professionally, focusing on games and fun with positive attitude and lots of love.

Both our therapists and child carers work honorarily. Nevertheless, we have to provide accommodation and food.


Key data 2019:
  1. 194 participants, of which 61are children
  2. 40 MPS-patients
  3. 14 therapists (11 individual therapies, 11 group therapies)
  4. 16 child carers
Sample cost / week:
  1. Therapy costs / patient : 700 €
  2. Childcare expenses / family: 300 €
  3. Support for medical expenses / family: 400 € – 1600 € depending on the size of the family
  4. Common trip: 1.000 – 3.000 € depending on number of participants

Sponsoring resarch

By supporting our research projects you help to realize our vision: MPS must become curable.


Sample cost / project:
  1. We support the MPS-diagnostic location in Vienna / year 5.000 €
  2. Research project at the University Clinic of Graz / 7.000 € 2017
  3. Genestein-Study for MPS III / 50.000 € 2015
  4. All the other projects are selected depending on our financial resources

You would like to become a sponsor and have further information? We look forward to hearing from you.

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